Public Participation Plan - LEP


Approved by the MPO Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) on April 5, 2018.

It is a Corpus Christi Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) policy to support and encourage early and continuous public participation and input to the planning process and to adhere to the principles of Environmental Justice and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act as part of the metropolitan "3-C" planning process relating to transportation systems and facilities. The MPO’s public participation plan is designed to ensure early and continuous opportunities for the public to express its views on transportation issues and to become active participants in the regional planning and transportation "3-C" metropolitan decision making process.

A 1994 Presidential Executive Order directed every Federal agency to make Environmental Justice part of its mission by identifying and addressing the effects of all programs, policies, and activities on "minority populations and low-income populations."The MPO's Environmental Justice initiatives will strive to accomplish this by involving the potentially affected public through a Citizens Outreach Program. This program consists of MPO staff activities designed to develop partnerships with, and enhance the participation in the transportation planning process, by groups and individuals of “traditionally underserved” communities.


Public Participation Plan - LEP