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The Corpus Christi region has always played an important role in North American freight transportation. The Port of Corpus Christi has been an important gateway for domestic and international waterborne commerce. Serving the region are three railroads that link the Port to markets in the U.S. and Mexico. Currently plans are in place to expand the region’s logistics capabilities. The Port of Corpus Christi Authority is planning to ultimately develop a new multi-use terminal on its La Quinta property. New rail dependent industries are planning to locate both within and just outside the Port area. In the western part of the region, the City of Robstown is proposing to develop a trade processing center that will take advantage of its proximity to three major railroads.

In addition to the Corpus Christi Metropolitan Planning Organization, the governmental agency responsible for coordinating transportation planning in the region, both Nueces and San Patricio Counties have established County Rural Transportation Districts which are legally eligible to accept and utilize private, state, and federal funds to develop the rail infrastructure necessary to assure efficient and economical rail service to meet the region’s agricultural and industrial needs. These organizations also provide a local setting to work jointly with railroads and other freight providers with regard to improving freight operations and infrastructure within the region.

The preparation of this report has been financed in part through grant[s] from the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, under the State Planning and Research Program, Section 505 [or Metropolitan Planning Program, Section 104(f)] of Title 23, U.S. Code. The contents of this report do not necessarily reflect the official views or policy of the U.S. Department of Transportation.


Corpus Christi Major Freight Facilities Impact Study 2010


Regional Freight Study - Phase I & II Texas Freight Mobility Plan 2018


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